Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens

Discovering Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens, Salt Lake City: An Urban Sanctuary.


7/7/20232 min read

Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens
Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens

Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens, Salt Lake City: An Urban Sanctuary for Birds and Nature Lovers

Salt Lake City (SLC), the capital of Utah, is a destination rich with natural beauty, cultural charm, and historical intrigue. However, amidst all the known attractions and popular hotels in Salt Lake City, there's one gem that often goes unnoticed - the Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens.

An oasis of verdant green and vibrant feathers, the Tracy Aviary stands as the oldest aviary in the United States, offering a fascinating look into the world of birds. Located in the heart of SLC, at Liberty Park, this remarkable establishment is an intersection of wildlife education, conservation, and tourism, allowing visitors to explore and learn about diverse bird species and their natural habitats.

A Flight through History

In 1938, Salt Lake City banker Russell Lord Tracy gifted his private bird collection to the community, marking the birth of Tracy Aviary. Over the decades, the aviary has evolved to become a crucial part of SLC's urban ecosystem, housing over 400 birds across 135 species, some of which are endangered. This unique biodiversity makes it a must-visit for bird enthusiasts and a great choice for families exploring what to do in Salt Lake City.

Feathered Wonders and Green Gardens

From Andean Condors and Chilean Flamingos to Sun Conures and Keel-Billed Toucans, the birds at Tracy Aviary span across the avian spectrum. The Aviary's exhibits are designed to replicate natural habitats, enabling the birds to thrive while providing visitors an immersive learning experience. The Salt Lake Temple, Clark Planetarium, and Natural History Museum of Utah make excellent additions to your SLC visit after exploring the Aviary.

The Tracy Aviary isn't just about birds, though. It's also home to eight acres of lush botanical gardens, including the South American Pavilion, a plant paradise representing the native flora of South America. These beautifully landscaped gardens provide the perfect backdrop for the exotic birds, and it's a wonderful place to sit back and connect with nature.

Conservation and Education

Committed to bird conservation, Tracy Aviary is involved in multiple initiatives like the American White Pelican Research and Conservation Program. They also organize various educational programs throughout the year to engage visitors and locals alike in bird and nature conservation efforts.

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Visit Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens

Planning your visit to Tracy Aviary is straightforward. They're open daily, and ticket prices are affordable, with discounts for children and seniors. However, the Aviary's popularity can mean it gets busy, particularly during peak tourist season. Hence, it's best to plan your trip in advance, book your Salt Lake City Utah Hotels, and arrive early for a tranquil birdwatching experience.

Moreover, given its downtown location, the Aviary is easily accessible from most hotels downtown Salt Lake City and is conveniently near The Great Salt Lake, another must-visit natural attraction.


Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens provides a distinct, nature-filled experience within Salt Lake City's urban landscape. Whether you're a bird lover, an avid gardener, a family seeking a fun day out, or a traveler looking for unique experiences, Tracy Aviary promises a vibrant journey into the world of our feathered friends. Plan your visit today, and let nature's songbirds serenade you! Don't forget to check out other attractions and top-rated hotels in Salt Lake City for a memorable stay.