This Is The Place Heritage Park

Salt Lake City: A Journey to "This Is The Place Heritage Park"


7/7/20232 min read

This Is The Place Heritage Park
This Is The Place Heritage Park

This Is The Place Heritage Park

When you think of the great destinations within Salt Lake City, Utah, your mind might immediately envision the breathtaking Great Salt Lake or the mesmerizing Spiral Jetty Earthwork. However, the city boasts a lesser-known gem: a living history park known as "This Is The Place Heritage Park." As its name suggests, this unique site offers an immersive historical experience, especially highlighting the lives of Mormon pioneers.

A Nostalgic Trip Back In Time

As you approach "This Is The Place Heritage Park," the first thing that welcomes you is the grandeur of the "This is the Place" monument, a symbol of the rich heritage that awaits you within. This immersive experience is a must-visit for anyone curious about what to do in Salt Lake City.

Step inside the park, and it's as if you've traveled back in time. The site beautifully recreates the 19th-century Mormon pioneer era with more than 50 original and replica homes, shops, and public buildings. These structures not only provide a glimpse of Utah's past but also tell the tales of the men and women who shaped its history.

An Immersive Learning Experience

The park offers a series of interactive exhibits where visitors can engage in pioneer activities. You can try your hand at candle making, ride a vintage train, pet farm animals, or watch a blacksmith in action. For children, the experience is as educational as it is enjoyable, making it an excellent choice for a family day out.

As part of the learning experience, costumed historical interpreters roam the park. They add depth to your visit by answering questions, giving demonstrations, and, at times, engaging you in a role-play exercise, inviting you to partake in pioneer chores or games.

The Monument: A Testament to Pioneer Perseverance

At the heart of "This Is The Place Heritage Park" is the monument erected to commemorate the arrival of the Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. This monument, standing tall against the backdrop of the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square, is more than just a piece of stone; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of these pioneers.

A Convenient and Comfortable Stay

Visiting "This Is The Place Heritage Park" is not a hurried affair; it demands time and deserves attention. Thankfully, Salt Lake City offers a variety of quality accommodations to suit any preference or budget. From the downtown options to the top-rated Best Western, you're sure to find a place that meets your needs.

Heritage Village: 10:00am-5:00pm Monday-Saturday, Closed Sunday

Pioneer Center: 9:00am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday, 9:00am-5:00pm Sunday

Additional Attractions

Once you've fully explored "This Is The Place Heritage Park," there's plenty more to see and do in Salt Lake City. The Natural History Museum of Utah and the Clark Planetarium offer fascinating exhibits that cater to diverse interests. For those who prefer to spend time in the great outdoors, Liberty Park and the Red Butte Garden are must-visit locations.


"This Is The Place Heritage Park" offers a unique blend of education, history, and entertainment. It’s a vibrant chronicle of Utah's past that paints a vivid picture of the Mormon pioneers' resilience and determination. Whether you're a history buff, a curious traveler, or just looking for a fun-filled day out in Salt Lake City, "This Is The Place Heritage Park" certainly lives up to its name.

Remember to check out the range of hotel options in the city to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Let Salt Lake City charm you with its unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and captivating history.