SLC Hotels

Exploring SLC Hotels: From Cozy Corners to Extravagant Experiences


7/6/20233 min read

SLC Hotels
SLC Hotels

Exploring SLC Hotels: From Cozy Corners to Extravagant Experiences

Stepping off a plane and into the rugged, scenic beauty of Salt Lake City (SLC) is just the beginning of a memorable adventure. Offering an enchanting blend of city life and outdoor wonder, SLC never fails to amaze. Perhaps the first and crucial stop of this journey is finding your perfect accommodation. With a variety of hotels spread across Salt Lake City, you will surely find your ideal home away from home.

History of SLC Hotels

Dipping into the annals of history, Salt Lake City has seen a tremendous transformation in its hospitality landscape. From humble beginnings with small inns and lodgings, it now boasts numerous world-class hotels that capture the essence of luxury and comfort.

The first significant hotel development phase occurred around the mid-1800s when the city started attracting a large number of visitors. The accommodation options multiplied, bringing the luxury of choice to the visitors. The early 20th century saw the emergence of some remarkable hotels, one of which is the still-standing and ever-luxurious Grand America Hotel.

The Best of SLC Hotels

Over the years, a bevy of remarkable hotels has graced Salt Lake City, each providing a unique blend of amenities and experience. A number of them are nestled in the heart of the city, offering convenience and urban charm.

Downtown SLC Hotels

If you desire immediate access to the city's bustle, Downtown SLC Hotels are a perfect choice. Located at the heart of the city, these hotels offer an immersive urban experience. Ranging from cozy budget accommodations like the Holiday Inn Express Salt Lake City Downtown to the extravagant Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek, Downtown has something for everyone.

Proximity to attractions like the Eagle Gate Monument and Temple Square is another significant advantage of these hotels. They are also conveniently located near important business venues, making them an ideal choice for business travelers. For attorneys, for example, there is a curated list of 13 suitable hotels in Downtown Salt Lake City.

Best Western Plus Cottontree Inn

Among the city's plethora of accommodation choices, the Best Western Plus Cottontree Inn stands out as a favorite. This hotel combines comfort, convenience, and top-notch service. It is located in North Salt Lake and provides easy access to downtown and a serene environment away from the city's buzz.

Hilton Hotels

If brand recognition and consistent quality are what you value, then Hilton Hotels in Salt Lake City are the perfect fit. Offering a range of options from the upscale Hilton Garden Inn Salt Lake City Downtown to the more budget-friendly Hampton Inn Salt Lake City Downtown, the Hilton brand ensures a comfortable and familiar experience.

Homely B&Bs and Unique Accommodations

Looking for a more personalized and homely experience? Then you may prefer the city's array of Bed & Breakfasts, like the cozy Ellerbeck Bed & Breakfast, or the quaint Inn on the Hill.

For those seeking an experience tied to the city's educational hub, the University Guest House and Conference Center and the U of U Health Patient and Family Housing provide accommodations within the University of Utah campus.

The Perfect Stay for Every Traveler

With Salt Lake City's expansive list of top-rated hotels, you're sure to find the perfect stay that aligns with your needs. Whether you're on a business trip, exploring the city's historic sites like the Salt Lake Temple, or diving into nature at the Great Salt Lake or the Spiral Jetty, the city's hospitality scene has got you covered.

From the luxurious offerings of the Kimpton Hotel Monaco to the familiar comforts of the Homewood Suites by Hilton Salt Lake City Downtown, each hotel in Salt Lake City offers a unique experience that caters to different travel needs.

Whatever your preference, rest assured that in Salt Lake City, you'll not just find a hotel room—you'll find a home. The city's rich history, combined with its modern urban charm and thriving hospitality industry, makes it a perfect destination for all kinds of travelers.