Salt Lake City Restaurants: Manoli's, the Greek Gem

Guide to Salt Lake City Restaurants: Manoli's, the Greek Gem


7/8/20232 min read

Salt Lake City Restaurants: Manoli's, the Greek Gem
Salt Lake City Restaurants: Manoli's, the Greek Gem

Salt Lake City Restaurants: Manoli's, the Greek Gem

Manoli's: A Brief Overview

One of Salt Lake City's most celebrated dining spots, Manoli's, is known for its inventive take on traditional Greek cuisine. Nestled at 402 E 900 S, it has a commendable rating of 4.7/5 based on 196 reviews, with diners praising its innovative menu, vibrant atmosphere, and exceptional service. Its upscale setting is reflected in its price point, symbolized as $$$ on many review sites. For a closer look at their offerings, visit their website.

History of Manoli's

Manoli's has a rich and fascinating history that contributes to its unique identity. The restaurant's namesake, Manoli Katsanevas, was born and raised in Salt Lake City to Greek immigrant parents. He grew up amidst rich Greek culinary traditions, with family recipes passed down through generations. These experiences would later serve as the foundation of Manoli's restaurant.

After attending culinary school and refining his skills in various kitchens, Manoli opened his first restaurant, a small tapas bar. This 36-seater restaurant quickly earned acclaim for its fresh, modern approach to Greek cuisine. As demand grew, Manoli's moved to its current, larger location in 2016, where it continues to offer an expanded menu with more space for its growing clientele.

The Manoli's Experience

Walking into Manoli's, you're immediately struck by the warm, welcoming ambiance. The decor is chic yet comfortable, reflecting the modern take on Greek cuisine that Manoli's serves.

Manoli's menu changes seasonally, showcasing locally sourced, fresh ingredients. It's a creative exploration of Greek cuisine, with dishes like 'lamb mousaka' or 'lavender honey panna cotta' that beautifully fuse Greek culinary traditions with modern techniques.

One of the standout features of Manoli's is their Greek wine list, one of the most extensive in Salt Lake City. This, coupled with their craft cocktails, creates an exceptional dining experience that leaves you eager for your next visit.

Exploring Salt Lake City

Beyond the culinary delights of Manoli's, Salt Lake City (SLC) has much to offer. The city boasts an array of tourist spots, unique boutiques, and a burgeoning arts scene. For those interested in exploring, there are numerous options for accommodations close to Manoli's.

For a luxurious stay, consider The Grand America Hotel or the Kimpton Hotel Monaco. If you're looking for a more boutique experience, consider the Anniversary Inn 5th South or the Ellerbeck Bed and Breakfast.

SLC's culinary scene is also something not to be missed. Apart from Manoli's, other highly-rated restaurants include Pretty Bird, a casual spot offering fried chicken with a twist, and Kyoto, known for its traditional Japanese cuisine. For steak lovers, the Best Steakhouse Salt Lake City guide will help you find the perfect spot.

The city's cultural offerings are extensive, from the Utah Museum of Fine Arts to the Ballet West. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the city's parks and outdoor spaces, such as Liberty Park and the Red Butte Garden.


Whether you're visiting Salt Lake City or are a long-time resident, be sure to take the time to dine at Manoli's. This restaurant offers an exquisite Greek dining experience that you won't forget. And while you're in the city, don't miss out on the numerous other experiences SLC has to offer. From unique accommodations to diverse dining options and cultural experiences, there's something for everyone in Salt Lake City.