Salt Lake City Restaurants: Kyoto

Introduction to Salt Lake City Restaurants: Kyoto


7/8/20232 min read

Salt Lake City Restaurants: Kyoto
Salt Lake City Restaurants: Kyoto

Salt Lake City Restaurants: Kyoto

Ranked highly with an impressive 4.5/5 rating from 395 reviews, Kyoto located at 1080 E 1300 S, Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah, is a culinary delight that must not be missed. With prices in the mid-range, this Japanese restaurant is a feast for all senses, not just your palate. In this blog, we delve into its rich history, its impact on SLC, and give you a sneak peek into the surrounding attractions you can enjoy.

Before we dive in, here's the official website of Kyoto for your reference.

A Taste of Kyoto's History

Kyoto has been a gem in the Salt Lake City food scene for over three decades. Established in 1984 by Sam and Yoshiko Tada, the restaurant has always been a family affair. The Tadas, originally from Japan, envisioned creating an authentic Japanese dining experience in SLC, showcasing traditional cuisine in a tranquil environment that echoed the peaceful city of Kyoto in their homeland.

Through its history, Kyoto's main allure has always been its unwavering dedication to authentic Japanese cuisine, featuring a range of dishes from sushi and sashimi to tempura and teriyaki. But it's not just the food that's authentic; the decor, atmosphere, and hospitality also deeply reflect Japanese culture.

Kyoto Today: Sustaining Authenticity

In 2014, current owner Peggi Ince-Whiting took over the restaurant. A seasoned sushi chef and protégé of the Tadas, Peggi had been with Kyoto since 1987. Under her leadership, Kyoto has managed to sustain its authenticity while also evolving with the times.

The Kyoto Experience: More Than Just a Meal

Beyond the dining experience, Kyoto's location in Salt Lake City adds to its charm. Nestled among the city's vibrant downtown district, it's a stone's throw away from numerous attractions, making it a perfect stop during your city exploration.

Sights to See and Things to Do in SLC

Whether you're local to Salt Lake City or visiting, make sure to explore the area surrounding Kyoto for a fulfilling day out. Here are some places to consider:

Temple Square: No trip to Salt Lake City is complete without a visit to this 35-acre area located in the heart of the city.

Utah State Capitol Building: The stunning architecture and panoramic views of the Salt Lake Valley are worth the visit.

Salt Lake City Public Library: Don't miss out on the architecturally magnificent library, where you can get lost in a book or simply enjoy the stunning views from the rooftop garden.

Where to Stay: Top-Rated Hotels in SLC

Are you planning an extended stay in SLC? No worries, the city has a plethora of accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets. The Salt Lake City Bar Association provides comprehensive guides on the best hotels in downtown SLC, as well as lawyer-friendly hotels if you're in town for business.

Top picks include:

  1. Homewood Suites by Hilton Salt Lake City Downtown

  2. Salt Lake City Marriott University Park

  3. Holiday Inn Express Salt Lake City Downtown

If you're interested in exploring more options, here's a list of the top 25 hotels in SLC.

Wrap Up

Experiencing Kyoto is not just about the food but also about appreciating Japanese tradition, culture, and ambiance. Pair this with the opportunity to explore Salt Lake City's attractions and high-quality accommodations, and you've got yourself a memorable experience. Whether you're a local or a visitor, Kyoto undoubtedly makes for a remarkable addition to your SLC itinerary.