Salt Lake City Restaurants: Current Fish & Oyster

The Best Salt Lake City Restaurants: Current Fish & Oyster


7/8/20232 min read

Salt Lake City Restaurants: Current Fish & Oyster
Salt Lake City Restaurants: Current Fish & Oyster

Salt Lake City Restaurants: Current Fish & Oyster

Tucked away at 279 E 300 S in the heart of Salt Lake City, Current Fish & Oyster offers an exceptional dining experience. The restaurant, rated 4.5/5 by 604 reviews, boasts an impressive menu with a variety of dishes that celebrate the rich seafood traditions of the American coasts. With its warm and inviting ambience, coupled with an attentive staff, Current Fish & Oyster presents an oasis of culinary delight.

The Beginning

The history of Current Fish & Oyster dates back to 2015, when its doors were first opened to seafood enthusiasts. Situated in a building that was originally the home of the historic 1908 Western Electric Company, the space was renovated to blend historical architecture with modern design, providing an aesthetically pleasing setting for a culinary journey.

A Culinary Journey

Current Fish & Oyster prides itself on its diverse menu that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re an ardent seafood lover or new to the world of maritime cuisine, the expertly crafted dishes at Current Fish & Oyster will leave you yearning for more. Some of the popular items include fresh oysters, succulent fish, delicious shellfish and a bevy of craft cocktails.

The Art of Dining

But the magic of Current Fish & Oyster extends beyond its exquisite menu. The staff’s attention to detail, commitment to exceptional service, and dedication to providing a memorable experience all contribute to the restaurant’s well-deserved high rating. With a spacious dining area that caters to both intimate gatherings and larger parties, Current Fish & Oyster is an ideal spot for any occasion.

Exploring Salt Lake City

A visit to Current Fish & Oyster is just one way to enjoy what Salt Lake City has to offer. After a delightful meal, take some time to explore the attractions around. As a cultural hub, Salt Lake City is home to numerous art galleries, historic sites, music venues, and outdoor recreational areas.

Accommodations in Salt Lake City

When you visit Salt Lake City, be it for business or pleasure, there is a wide range of hotels and Airbnb options to accommodate your stay. From luxurious hotels like The Grand America Hotel to cozy Airbnb homes, the city offers a variety of accommodations to meet different needs and budgets.

Culinary Diversity

While Current Fish & Oyster is a must-visit, the culinary scene in Salt Lake City is incredibly diverse. Explore a variety of cuisines at other highly-rated restaurants including The Paris Bistro, Table X, Log Haven, and Pretty Bird, among others.


Whether you are a food lover, an architecture enthusiast, or an avid explorer, Salt Lake City has something for everyone. A visit to Current Fish & Oyster is not just a dining experience, but an introduction to the vibrant culture and warm hospitality of Salt Lake City. So, pack your bags, reserve your tables, and prepare for a memorable trip.