Pink Sand Dunes of Utah

Pink Sand Dunes of Utah: A Journey Through Beauty


7/23/20233 min read

Pink Sand Dunes of Utah: A Journey Through Beauty
Pink Sand Dunes of Utah: A Journey Through Beauty

Pink Sand Dunes of Utah: A Journey Through Beauty

A journey through the heart of the American West uncovers not just the iconic red rocks but also some unique natural wonders, none more so than the spectacular pink sand dunes. Located in southern Utah, these sand dunes are an unexpected marvel in an already remarkable landscape. From this unique geological feature, the trip will venture through the famous sites of Salt Lake City and the surrounding region, exploring cultural landmarks, local cuisine, and breathtaking resorts.

Exploring the Pink Sand Dunes

The Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is a must-see destination. Its dunes are a fascinating wind, water, and time phenomenon, creating an endless expanse of shifting pink sand. This State Park provides a vast playground for ATV enthusiasts, campers, photographers, and nature lovers alike. It's a stunning landscape unlike any other, providing ample opportunity for thrilling sandboarding or peaceful hiking.

The journey from the Dunes to Salt Lake City

A road trip from the Coral Pink Sand Dunes to Salt Lake City covers over 300 miles of spectacular scenery. The journey takes you from the sand dunes, through mountains and valleys, to the metropolitan area of Salt Lake City. With various stops along the way, including Powder Mountain and Snowbasin Resort, the journey promises a blend of natural beauty and exhilarating adventure.

For those taking the journey from Salt Lake City to Denver, you can find a comprehensive travel guide here.

Salt Lake City: An Urban Oasis

On arrival in Salt Lake City, you will be greeted with an abundance of things to see and do. The city combines a modern urban environment with a rich historical and cultural heritage. A good starting point is the Utah State Capitol, a neoclassical masterpiece that provides panoramic views of the city.

The city is home to a plethora of renowned restaurants, including The Copper Onion, known for its American cuisine, and The Wild Grape, a local favorite for brunch. For lovers of Asian cuisine, don't miss out on Takashi, one of the best sushi restaurants in the city.

Exploring the Surrounding Area

Within a short drive from Salt Lake City, you'll find a selection of unique locations, from the natural beauty of the Utah Salt Flats to the luxury skiing experiences at Deer Valley Resort.

The resorts of Park City Mountain, Brighton, and Solitude Mountain are popular destinations for winter sports enthusiasts, while in the summer months, these locations offer great hiking and biking trails.

For a more relaxed visit, consider a trip to Big Cottonwood Canyon, where tranquil settings and stunning vistas await.

Staying in Salt Lake City

For those planning to stay in the city, there are numerous lodging options, including quaint Airbnbs and upscale hotels. If you're seeking recommendations, you can find attorney-rated hotels here.

Luxury options include the Anniversary Inn 5th South, reviewed in detail here, and The Grand America Hotel, one of Salt Lake City's top 25 hotels.


In essence, a journey from the Pink Sand Dunes to Salt Lake City is a trip through the heart of the American West. With the combination of stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cities, and a rich cultural history, this part of the U.S. offers something for everyone. Whether you are a lover of outdoor activities, a food enthusiast, a history buff, or a luxury seeker, your visit will be filled with memorable moments.

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