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Exploring Kanab, Utah: A Gateway to Natural Wonders


7/22/20232 min read

Exploring Kanab, Utah: A Gateway to Natural Wonders
Exploring Kanab, Utah: A Gateway to Natural Wonders

Exploring Kanab, Utah: A Gateway to Natural Wonders

Kanab, Utah, a small city on the Colorado Plateau, is often dubbed the "Gateway to the Grand Circle" due to its proximity to several national parks and natural wonders. With a charming Western vibe and spectacular surrounding landscapes, a visit to Kanab offers much more than just a convenient base for exploration.

Is it worth it to go to Kanab?

Kanab is worth a visit, especially for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Apart from its proximity to numerous national parks and monuments, the city itself has much to offer. Kanab is home to several attractions, such as the Little Hollywood Museum, showcasing sets from old Western movies, and the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the nation's largest no-kill animal rescue center. Additionally, Kanab hosts various events throughout the year, such as the annual Balloons and Tunes Roundup.

National Parks Close to Kanab, Utah

Three national parks are within a short drive from Kanab:

  1. Zion National Park: Located about 40 miles west of Kanab, Zion National Park is the closest and features towering cliffs, narrow canyons, and beautiful trails.

  2. Bryce Canyon National Park: Approximately 70 miles north of Kanab, Bryce Canyon National Park is renowned for its unique geology, consisting of a series of horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters carved from the eastern edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau.

  3. Grand Canyon National Park (North Rim): The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is about 80 miles south of Kanab. The North Rim is less crowded than the South Rim and provides a more secluded experience.

What to do between Bryce and Kanab?

The stretch between Bryce and Kanab offers several interesting stops. The Red Canyon's stunning red and orange rock formations is worth exploring. Kodachrome Basin State Park, with 67 monolithic stone spires called sedimentary pipes, is another worthwhile detour. Visitors may also wish to visit Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, where shifting dunes offer beautiful photo opportunities and fun recreational activities.

Can you enter Zion from Kanab?

Yes, you can enter Zion National Park from Kanab. The park's East Entrance is located on Route 9, about 40 miles from Kanab. This scenic route takes you through the stunning Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel.

The Closest Part of the Grand Canyon to Kanab, Utah

The closest part of the Grand Canyon to Kanab is the North Rim. It's about 80 miles away and can be reached in approximately 1.5 hours by car. The North Rim offers a quieter experience than the more frequently visited South Rim, with several viewpoints and hiking trails.


With its strategic location, charming local attractions, and proximity to some of the United States' most spectacular national parks, Kanab, Utah, is an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventurers alike. Whether used as a base for exploration or as a destination, Kanab is sure to leave visitors with lasting memories of its stunning natural beauty.