Airbnb Salt Lake City: 18 Must-Visit Tiny Homes

We've rounded up the top 18 Airbnb Salt Lake City listings within 15 miles of Downtown!


7/7/20236 min read

Salt Lake City Airbnb: 18 Must-Visit Tiny Homes
Salt Lake City Airbnb: 18 Must-Visit Tiny Homes

Salt Lake City Airbnb: 18 Must-Visit Tiny Homes

If you're heading to Salt Lake City and love staying in a tiny home, then you're in luck! Some beautiful and highly-rated small houses in the area offer unique and memorable experiences. To help you, we've rounded up the top 18 Airbnb remote home listings

within 15 miles of Salt Lake City. So, whether traveling alone, with your partner, or with a small group, there's something for everyone.

1. Cottage at 15th and 15th

This cottage, located at the intersection of 15th and 15th in Salt Lake City, has four beds. It is available from July 22 to 27 for $90 per night and has an impressive rating of 4.98 out of 5.

2. Modern Millcreek Guesthouse Suite 2

Located just 4 miles from Salt Lake City in Millcreek, this modern guesthouse suite is available from August 20 to 25 for a discounted price of $60 per night, originally $71. It boasts a high rating of 4.93.

3. Downtown Cozy Stay

This conveniently located tiny home is only 5 minutes from the University of Utah and is close to downtown. Available from July 29 to August 3 at $54 per night, it's an affordable option with a high rating of 4.9.

4. THE ART COTTAGE at historic Baldwin Radio Factory

This unique Art Cottage has two beds at the historic Baldwin Radio Factory. Book your stay between August 20 and 25 at $115 per night and experience its 4.93-rated hospitality.


This charming studio in Sugarhouse offers a queen bed and is available from August 27 to September 2. Priced at $93 per night, it's received a near-perfect rating of 4.98.

6. 9th&9th Garden Cottage

Located in Salt Lake City's vibrant 9th&9th district, this Garden Cottage offers a queen bed and is available from July 16 to 21 for $120 per night. Its stellar 4.97 rating speaks volumes about the quality of stay you can expect.

7. Liberty Wells Artistic Guest House

This artistic guest house in Liberty Wells comes with a single bed. It can be booked from August 5 to 10 for $77 per night. Its high rating of 4.97 assures a pleasant stay.

8. Cozy, Comfortable 9th & 9th Guesthouse - BRAND NEW

This brand-new, cozy, and comfortable guesthouse is in the 9th & 9th area and has a queen bed. Stay here from August 31 to September 5 for $99 per night. With a perfect rating of 5.0, this place is a sure bet!

9. Private Tiny House with Mountain Views

Enjoy breathtaking mountain views from this tiny private house in Salt Lake City. It's available from August 13 to 18 at $70 per night and has a high rating of 4.93.

10. Charming Bungalow at The Base of the Rockies

This charming bungalow at the base of the Rockies offers a queen bed and is available from July 15 to 20 for $115 per night. The stay holds a high rating of 4.97.

11. The Innkeeper Studio Tiny House!

This tiny house, known as The Innkeeper Studio, offers three beds. Book your stay between August 15 and 20 at $115 per night. It has a commendable rating of 4.46.

12. Modern Guest House - near downtown SLC

Stay close to downtown Salt Lake City in this modern guesthouse with two beds. It's available from August 12 to 17 for $95 per night and has a high rating of 4.88.

13. Convenient Salt Lake Tiny Home with Chic Interior!

This chic and convenient tiny home in South Salt Lake, just 3 miles from the city, can be yours from November 12 to 17 at $99 per night. While it's relatively new, with a 3.7 rating, it's an exciting option.

14. A modern oasis tucked away in the heart of SLC

Located in the heart of Salt Lake City, this contemporary oasis offers a queen bed and is available from August 8 to 13 for $120 per night. It's earned a near-perfect rating of 4.98.

15. Modern Guest House 10 min from ski resorts!

If you love skiing, this modern guesthouse in Cottonwood Heights, just 10 minutes from the ski resorts and 11 miles from Salt Lake City, is perfect. Book your stay between August 12 and 17 for $108 per night and experience its 4.95-rated hospitality.

16. Urban Micro Home

This urban micro home in Salt Lake City has a single bed and is an absolute steal at $35 per night from July 9 to 14.

17. Sanctuary Under The Pines

Located in Sandy, 12 miles from Salt Lake City, this sanctuary under the pines is available from August 18 to 23 for $95 per night. It comes highly rated with a score of 4.95.

18. The Rustic Nook - No Cleaning Fee

This rustic nook in Sandy, 11 miles from Salt Lake City, has a no-cleaning fee policy. It's available from July 13 to 18 for $123 per night and holds an impressive rating of 4.89.

When planning a visit to Salt Lake City, finding the right accommodation is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. While traditional hotels and resorts are popular options, an emerging trend offers a unique and unforgettable experience: tiny homes available on Airbnb. These compact yet cozy dwellings provide a range of advantages for travelers seeking something different. This article will explore the benefits of staying in tiny homes in Salt Lake City and how they enhance your visit to this vibrant city.

Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City: A Luxurious Retreat

If you're seeking a luxurious and upscale experience, the Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City is an excellent choice. This renowned hotel offers top-notch amenities, elegant rooms, and exceptional service. However, if you prefer a more unique and personalized experience, consider opting for a tiny home on Airbnb.

Best Airbnb Salt Lake City: Variety and Flexibility

One of the major advantages of choosing a tiny home on Airbnb is the wide variety of options available. The best Airbnb rentals in Salt Lake City cater to various preferences and budgets. Whether looking for a charming tiny cottage, a modern urban oasis, or a rustic mountain getaway, you'll find the perfect accommodation to suit your style.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts and Utah Museum of Contemporary Art: Proximity to Cultural Gems

Staying in a tiny home in Salt Lake City lets you be close to the city's cultural treasures. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts showcases a diverse collection of artworks, while the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art offers innovative and thought-provoking exhibitions. You can easily explore these cultural gems at your convenience by choosing a tiny home in the city center.

Sugar House Park, Memory Grove Park, and Pioneer Memorial Museum: Embrace Nature and History

Tiny homes in Salt Lake City often provide proximity to beautiful parks and historic sites. Sugar House Park offers lush green spaces, picnic areas, and recreational activities. Memory Grove Park is a serene oasis with a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for a stroll. For history enthusiasts, the Pioneer Memorial Museum showcases artifacts and exhibits that reflect the region's pioneer heritage. Choosing a tiny home near these attractions allows you to immerse yourself in nature and learn about Salt Lake City's rich history.

Gilgal Sculpture Garden: A Quirky Outdoor Experience

For a truly unique experience, visit the Gilgal Sculpture Garden. This whimsical outdoor space features intriguing sculptures and symbolic artwork. By staying in a tiny home nearby, you can easily explore this hidden gem and marvel at the artistry on display.

This is the Place Heritage Park, Red Butte Garden, and Liberty Park: Family-Friendly Attractions

Are you traveling with family? Salt Lake City has several family-friendly attractions to enjoy. This is the Place Heritage Park that offers a glimpse into Utah's pioneer history with interactive exhibits and educational activities. Red Butte Garden provides a stunning botanical experience, perfect for leisurely walks and picnics. Meanwhile, Liberty Park offers a playground, sports facilities, and even a small amusement park. Choosing a tiny home near these attractions ensures a convenient and enjoyable stay for the whole family.

Tracy Aviary and Botanical Gardens and Clark Planetarium: Educational and Entertaining Experiences

If you're looking for educational and entertaining experiences, Salt Lake City won't disappoint. The Tracy Aviary and Botanical Gardens allow observing species in beautiful natural surroundings. The Clark Planetarium offers captivating shows and exhibits related to astronomy and space exploration. By choosing a tiny home near these attractions, you can easily access these enriching experiences.

What to Do in Salt Lake City: Convenient Access to Attractions

Salt Lake City offers a plethora of activities and attractions to explore. Whether you're interested in outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or shopping and dining, there's something for everyone. By selecting a tiny home in a central location, such as downtown or near popular neighborhoods, you'll have convenient access to all the exciting things to do in Salt Lake City.

Natural History Museum of Utah: Discover Ancient Wonders

For those fascinated by natural history and ancient civilizations, the Natural History Museum of Utah is a must-visit. This impressive museum features exhibits on paleontology, anthropology, and the region's unique geology. You can easily spend hours exploring the fascinating exhibits and artifacts by staying in a tiny home nearby.


Choosing a tiny home on Airbnb for your stay in Salt Lake City offers numerous advantages. These accommodations provide a unique and memorable experience and offer flexibility, proximity to attractions, and a diverse range of options to suit your preferences. Whether you're traveling with family, seeking a luxurious retreat, or interested in exploring nature and culture, a tiny home in Salt Lake City is a fantastic choice. So, why settle for a traditional hotel when you can immerse yourself in the charm and comfort of a tiny home? Explore the best small home rentals in Salt Lake City and visit Salt.

We hope this listicle helps you find your perfect tiny homestay in Salt Lake City! Happy traveling!